Looking to organise your fashion event but don’t know where to start? Follow these easy steps compiled with the help of professional event organizers from London, Milan and San Francosco.

1. Select the venue. Fix the time and date, choose the theme of the event and send out invites.

What to keep in mind:

  • The fashion show must not be too long, 20-25 minutes. Make it quick and engaging.
  •  Book the venue early, think about how many people you would like to host and plan the space accordingly.

2. Choose music that corresponds to the theme of the show.

What to keep in mind:

  • Music choice defines the entire show, choose something well suited not just to the clothing but also the atmosphere you want to create.

3. Choose fashion designers. Get in touch with them in plenty of time with an introduction to the concept of your show. Great fashion designers are busy people and care about how their brands are exposed.

What to keep in mind:

  •  Most fashion designers prepare collections for two seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and work one season ahead.

4. Find the crew and models. You will need at least one photographer to take images of the event and models on runway; stylist, make-up artist and hair stylist to prepare models and outfits before and during the show; assistant to help you coordinate and make sure the event is running smoothly.

What to keep in mind:

  • Look for models of the correct size to ensure they fit the clothing.
  • Ask to apply with portfolio to make sure you can review talent and choose the one that fits the best your fashion show.
  • For every fashion designer’s outfit you need one model. Have enough models for the show.

5. Organize fitting with models. This is also a pre-rehearsal where you have them try on each outfit and walk for you.

What to keep in mind:

  • Take a polaroid picture of each model in each outfit they’ll be wearing in the show, this will help you keep organised.

6. Invite Press. Let the local magazines and online portals know about your event. Send an invitation with brief information about why your fashion event is special and what fashion designers are featured.

What to keep in mind:

  • Invite fashion bloggers in your area, they are great people to know and spread the word. You can even involve one to reflect on back-stage activities.

7. Market your show on Twitter and Facebook. This helps creates buzz and establish an audience for future shows or events.

8. On the day of the event, start early. Check the lights, music, models and outfits one last time. Give a reassuring talk to everyone who is a part of your fashion team and go!

What to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to get yourself dressed and ready for the show. Remember to relax. Keeping positive and cheerful is good for the crew and crucial for the success of the show.

9. Show begins. Stay backstage and help models with the final touches and also keep everyone MOVING!

What to keep in mind:

  • Keep one eye on the audience as well to make sure they are enjoying the show.

10. Celebrate and share! The show is over. Thank the crew and everyone who helped you. Share credit to the team, as they are part of your future success.

Share below your experiences of organizing fashion events – what tips would you give to aspiring fashion show organizers? Help the community to learn from you.

Image credit: Nato Pupo, NY Fashion Week